Working from Home – The Solution for Single Parents


Being a single parent is tough, you need to juggle with time for the kids, time for yourself, work, and running errands, you are a one-individual-show. Even if you are depending on Canada child benefits and similar aids the government provides for single parents, but it is not enough, there is a way out. Working from home can be a lifesaver.

Set Your Schedule

With kids demanding attention at the most unpredictable times and getting sick or making a mess around the house, setting your schedule can be a bit of a blessing. If you decide to start working from home, youhave a high chance of being able to choose your working hours.

Protected by Labour Laws

Although you are working from home, you still get the protection provided by Canadian labour laws that prevent you from being exploited, underpaid, or mistreated. You can browse around online for Canadian companies offering job posts that suit your needs.

Go Without a Nanny

If you have no one to watch over the kids while you go to work, having a job from home gets rid of the need to hire a nanny. This is also a good plus for parents with disabled kids or just worrying about a stranger spending so much time with their kids.

Avoid Wasting Time

Working from home means no wasted time in commuting to your workplace, which you can invest in yourself or your kids. The other side of the coin is that you will have to focus on your tasks when you do sit down to work, to avoid wasting time with distractions.

A piece of good advice is turning your social media notifications off and have your kids watch a movie or reading a book. While it is understandable that they will always want your attention, you can always teach them that the sooner you finish work, the sooner you can play with them.

Set a Good Example

Kids tend to imitate their parents quite often, which makes it great that they get to see you working. They might want to do their homework at the same time because that is how they try to follow your example, which translates into proud moments as they learn on their own.

A Better Diet

If you are at home, you can have only homemade meals and also make sure your kids eat theirs. You can include more fresh salads and juices in your daily diet, get more creative with your kids’ meals, and even include them in the cooking process.

Single parents face many issues every day but working from home takes care of many of those. You get to be in control of your time while setting a good example, having a better diet, and eliminating the daily need of a nanny.

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