If you want to find out more about the labour laws in Regina and District and can’t afford the time to browse around for reliable resources, we are here to help. Regina and District Labour Council brings you a list with are some resources that you will find to be of great help.

ICGL’s Canada Employment & Labour Laws and Regulations 2020

This is a chapter of a comprehensive book that covers many different issues, but it is available for free. This chapter in particular deals with relevant laws and regulations such as maternity leave, discrimination, termination of employment, among other related topics. – Rights in the Workplace Section

Although the Canadian government’s website is filled with useful information, you need to read this section as it explains in detail all your rights as a worker. The topics that it covers include The Canadian Human Rights Act, The Employment Equity Act, and The Canada Labour Code.

Given that it is a government resource, you are guaranteed to be receiving accurate and updated information. If you browse around the site, you will also find more relevant information outside the topic of laws.

Minken Employment Lawyers Website – Employment Law Issues Section

A website that offers several labour-related resources and has an entire section dedicated to employment laws. You will be able to find information on any labour related topic that is covered by Canadian laws such as the different types of employment contracts and wrongful dismissal.

Minken Employment Lawyers’ website is a resource mine for any employee looking to get more information about almost any labour-related topic. It is worth browsing around and learning about the topics they cover, besides labour laws.

Remember that it is key to focus on reliable websites to avoid being fed inaccurate information or lured into a scam. None of these sites will ask for your data and they are all safe as they are informative.