How to Get a Job in an Online Casino Company


In today’s internet-ruled world, more and more people are becoming interested in jobs within the technological field such as those that casino companies offer. If you have a marketing degree or an IT-related degree and want to put your knowledge to good use at an online casino, apply these tips to land the job.

Look at the Job Section


Many online casinos have job sections on their websites, where they post all the information that you need to apply for one of the posts, they have available. Keep in mind that some casino companies have their website apart from theircasinos and this information is likely to be there instead.

Typically, you will find the posts where they are hiring along with the requirements that must be fulfilled by applicants, such as degrees, experience, and additional skills. At these job sections, the companies also post their contact information for you to be able to send them your CV.

Check Social Media


There are pages and sections on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn where you will find advertising for some online gambling jobs. Make sure you check out Facebook groups such as iGaming Malta, which is one of the most frequently used to spread the word about online casino jobs.

Specialized Job Agencies


If you want to save yourself the trouble of going through thousands of job descriptions that don’t fit the bill, then registering at a specialized job agency is going to please you. You have about five agencies that exclusively advertise jobs in the online gambling industry, with the biggest one being Pentasia.

Good Old JobDirectories


This has been a tried-and-tested job finding method for decades now. Although it has evolved into online directories, the principles are the same. You need to find the online casino industry section of the directory you chose and see what is advertised there.

Additionally, you can find directories where only local jobs are offered, as well as international directories.

Of course, you can always send your CV with an email to a casino when they don’t have a jobs page. Maybe you like the particular casino and you want to work there. Take the gamble and send your CV with a good letter.

Take a Chance


If you are interested in working for a particular online casino and can’t find job posts in any of the aforementioned ways, you should take a risk and email them your CV directly. You never know if that initiative and proactive attitude will earn you a post they hadn’t advertised yet.

Getting your dream job in an online casino that has great customer-attracting features like Casino playamo no deposit bonus, is possible and can be easy. Remember that the first thing you will need is an IT or marketing-related degree.

Provided that you are previously qualified for the post you want, by following our tips you will find yourself working in no time.

5 Employment Opportunities in the Online Casino Industry


The online casino industry has been growing exponentially in the past decade and, with it, the employment opportunities available. If you are considering working at a company like Playamo Canada online casino, here are some of the employment options you can find.

Affiliate Manager

For all lawyers out there, who have previous experience in the industry with trusted casinos, this might be the post for you. You will be a key part in the success of the casino, as you get to be in charge of promoting the company’s products and services effectively.

You will need to find the right trends to follow to achieve the goal of drawing more users to gamble at your online casino, which means you should have marketing skills. If you want motivation to pursue this job, you have to know that the salary goes well over $25,000 just starting out and over $35,000 once you have five years of experience.


Account Manager

Having great negotiation skills and being an outstanding salesperson make you the perfect candidate for an online casino’s account manager job post.  You will be expected to create the company’s policies that ensure both a larger customer portfolio and increased revenues for the casino.

If you consider yourself to be a people person, this job will allow you to use your skills to create excellent relationships with your customers and maintaining them.

Online Marketer

Since online marketing campaigns and strategy are essential for the online casinos’ success, apresence on the internet ensures they are exposed to potential new users. You need to have a marketing degree to be considered for this post, as you will be required to oversee every detail of your casino’s marketing strategy.

The online marketer is required to be capable of communicating effectively and create optimized relationships.

Security Analyst

For our dear IT proficient readers, computer scientists, or cybersecurity experts, this jobwill be a dream come true. You get to be responsible for keeping the online casino safe from cyberattacks and threats of any kind.

You are going to be paid over $25,000 from the get-go to keep an eye out for security breaches and hacking attempts that would jeopardize the casino’s data.

Game Developer

It is only natural that online casinos are constantly hiring creative artists that are also IT savvy, as they are the ones that can develop the games available for users to play. Upon being hired you will be required to do everything from designing to programming and editing new games for the casino.

As an added advantage, many big online casinos are serious and legal enterprises that will comply with all the requirements described in our Canadian labour laws. If you have marketing or IT skills, there is surely a great employment opportunity for you in the online casino industry.

From Unemployment to Self-Employment – A Woman’s Story


Well hello there. I am Michelle Brown, a 35-year-old woman who owns a small coffee shop in Regina, but I wasn’t always this successful and it has been quite the journey to get here. Let me share my story with you and perhaps you might be inspired to pick yourself up or get out of your comfort zone.

Life after Graduation


Back in 2012, I graduated from college with a degree in accountability, top of my class, proud parents, the works. I immediately found a job as an accountant at a company that paid well and subscribed to all of the Canadian labour laws.



In the year 2015, I was driving back home from a company party when a drunken driver hit my car, giving me a mild concussion. This rendered me unable to perform up to the expectations the company and myself had for my accountancy. I decided to quit while I recovered.

The Seed of an Idea


During my recovery, I spent hours researching Canadian benefits for disabled people but eventually started reading more about labour laws. There were plenty of sections aimed at employers and independent workers and thus I began considering having my own business.

Deeper Research


I found myself setting up a small coffee shop, as all my research had shown that this was likely to be profitable. I wanted to do everything by the book, which made me take my time to read The Canadian Human Rights Act, The Labour Laws and Regulations, and other documents.

Finding the Right Team


Thanks to my time in college, I had many friends from all walks of life and thus I had an easy time finding people to have an inclusive staff in my coffee shop. I had read documents like The Employment Equity Act that, although didn’t apply to my own business made me see minorities had issues finding a decent job.

Then, we were ready to open our doors to the public and became a successful business in no time. I went from unemployed to self-employed and you can do it too.