This is a blog where we upload relevant information for employees in Regina and District about labour laws, education, and the employment opportunities available for anyone interested.

The Blog’s Birth

Canada is a wonderful country in terms of labour laws, labour rights and employment opportunities. But our founder William E. Kahle found that there is a lack of informal websites explaining these things in layman’s terms.

He is a knitting machine operator who was made head of his work union and, thanks to that, had to do a lot of research.

He decided to put together a team with us, his coworkers, to create and maintain a blog where the workers told other workers all about the benefits that they have access to. It grew into a serious labour education project that was fueled by our constant learning.

What We Want to Achieve

Through this blog, we want all workers in Regina and District, and even all over Canada, to be aware of the job opportunities, requirements and preparation that they should know. It is also paramount to us that all our readers understand their rights and duties as workers, given that we know this improves their working conditions and their perspective.

We want to educate all the people that read our content, both workers and employees to help them navigate the workplace policies and labour laws that keep it all running well.

Our greatest joy is seeing when an employee becomes an employer and comes to our blog to find some guidance that helps them make the transition.