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Summer success program

We wish to thank the affiliates who were able for the quick and prompt response to our call for support for Regina United Way’s Summer Success project. United Way Regina has made a commitment Flag to improving educational outcomes for Regina’s children and youth. For many children and their families in our community, poverty is an everyday reality. Saskatchewan’s economic growth has not benefited everyone equally as it and has brought with it rising costs making it more difficult for low-income families to meet their basic necessities.

United Way Regina is working with the local school boards to coordinate a Summer Success Initiative wholesale nfl jerseys beginning in Cycling three inner-city community schools, Albert, Kitchener and Sacred Heart. This Initiative is intended to support primary school students by expanding summer learning opportunities through engaging wholesale nba jerseys and interactive literacy instruction in the summer.

The research is undeniable – the clearest path out Day of poverty begins with education. Academic studies have shown that during the summer school break, many students experience a learning wholesale nba jerseys loss. Project Summer wholesale nfl jerseys Success’s goal is to minimize the summer learning loss and close the academic achievement gap. Some estimates in research indicate that this can include at least one month of learningor more. For <a href="http://agyo cialis generika”>G children who am come from challenging backgrounds, and may not have ideal family, community and nutritional supports, these losses can be even greater and will continue to multiply over time.

The partnership between the United Way and cheap mlb jerseys Labour has its roots in the shared goals of the two movements to help people in their daily lives. This partnership is also based upon shared goals of improving the lives of all citizens.

Labour has been and will always be to an integral part of the United Way movement across Canada and Regina’s Labour community is in no exception. The participation of Regina’s Labour community, in partnership with Regina United Way, continues to show that working people care about what happens in the communities in which they live and work.

“What we wish for ourselves we desire for all”

Once again we thank you for your support.


Ken Kubian                                                                      Kirk Brown

RDLC President                                                               United Way Regina

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