KONELĪNE: our land beautiful

The Regina & District Labour Council (RDLC) is proud to co-sponsor alongside the Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG) the documentary film KONELĪNE: our land beautiful. It is set in the traditional territory of the Tahltan First Nation in north western B.C. and explores the peoples who use the land and their relationship with each other. The people vary from hunting and fishing to drilling and mining and explores how they work alongside each other on the land that they share.

The film offers lessons to the labour movement. At times, areas of our industries can be at odds over ideology and this film can teach us how better to work together and understand what our common priorities are.

Through finding the beauty in the miners and mines, as well as those who are protesting against them, the film attempts to open up a conversation about the land from all who love it.

“The great achievement of this film to me, apart from the spectacular photography, is that it defuses issues that have pitted the old-guard red-neck bigots in our industry (and there still are far too many amongst us) against First Nation elders who are trying to preserve important cultural values within their homeland. It portrayed very human stories.”

Bill Barclay, Letter to the Editor, The Northern Miner.

As a co-sponsor, the role of the RDLC is to promote the film and we strongly encourage you to take the time to see this powerful award winning documentary.

The limited run showing plays from April 21 to 27 at the Rainbow Cinemas, Golden Mile each day at 1:25 p.m. and 6:40 p.m. Note, there is no evening showing on Thursday, April 27.

View trailer here:


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13th Annual RDLC Community Awards Banquet

On Friday March 24, 2017, the Regina & District Labour Council in conjunction with the United Way Regina hosted the 13th Annual Community Awards Banquet. Awards were presented in 2 categories.

The Award of Distinction is given to a union worker for their accomplishments in promoting and advancing the Labour Movement. This year’s award was presented to United Steel Worker, Kael Dolejsi.

The Labour Community Service Award is given to a union member for their outstanding contribution to our community. This year’s award was presented to Judy Kobsar, member of the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union.

Space doesn’t allow for the many contributions that these 2 deserving winners have accomplished.

Our thanks to the following for their participation in ceremony.

Deputy Mayor and City Councillor Andrew Stevens who brought greetings from the city and talked about the historical contribution of the RDLC and the United Way Regina.

United Way Board of Directors Chair, Susan Zwarych who brought greetings from the Board and talked about the shared goals and how the partnership between the RDLC and the UWR is working to improve the community.

Kristin Wawro, Relationship Manager with the United Way Regina who talked about the 211 Saskatchewan program and how it is helping people in need in the province.

Larry Hubich, President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour for his masterful job as the Master of Ceremonies.

The evening was put together by the capable abilities of Shobna Radons, Donna Ottenson, Robyn Edwards-Benz, Phillip Zagrodney, Carmon Perrin, Carol Mullaney and Ken Kubian.

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